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Elite+ is our premium product for witnesses of fact or experts. It is particularly designed for the witness for whom everything is at stake in the litigation and who is prepared to invest the time and money for the most thorough preparation.

In addition to having three trainers - a KC, an expert communications trainer and a performance psychologist, Elite+ is delivered over four sessions.

The four sessions involve:

  1. a pre-course psychological assessment; and
  2. a familiarisation session; and
  3. top up cross-examination practice; and
  4. a post course post-performance session with the psychologist.

Assurety, where the witness is the difference.

The Trainers who deliver this course:

  • A KC.
  • An expert communications trainer.
  • A Performance Psychologist.
  • We can also provide a (retired) High Court Judge or current part-time High Court Judge as an additional third trainer, for the ultimate trial preparation.
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Witness Preparation Courses

We currently offer four different witness preparation courses for factual witnesses or experts.

In depth cross-examination practice and familiarisation with a leading barrister and communications trainer.


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