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This course provides an excellent and thorough introduction to the trial or hearing process for either a factual witness or an expert witness.

We familiarise the witness with the court, arbitral or tribunal process. We provide a comprehensive description of what takes place and the roles of the participants. We explain how the decision-maker will assess the credibility and reliability of witnesses and go through the main cross-examination techniques.

Using footage of actual cross-examinations, we explain and demonstrate good techniques and bad habits in giving evidence.

The witness will then benefit from cross-examination practice to suit their individual circumstances, using real life experiences which are personal to each witness. This means the witness does not have to learn any artificial role plays which the witness is not invested in.

Working alongside a leading barrister will be an expert communications trainer, who along with the barrister will analyse and transform the witness’ ability to give evidence, through detailed video analysis and feedback of the witness’ performance. This enhances the witness’ self-awareness and learning experience.

If the witness is going to be giving evidence remotely, we recommend that the training is given Virtually via Zoom or Teams as that will best replicate what the witness will experience.

Assurety, knowing you've done all you can for your witness.


The Trainers who deliver this course:

  • A Leading Barrister – 10 yrs minimum practising and training experience
  • Upon request, we can provide a KC to be part of the course delivery team
  • An expert communications trainer.
  • We can also provide a (retired) High Court Judge or current part-time High Court Judge as an additional third trainer, for the ultimate trial preparation.
Number of participants
Up to 2 witnesses (though the more cross-examination practice the better for the witnesses)

Witness Preparation Courses

We currently offer four different witness preparation courses for factual witnesses or experts.

In depth cross-examination practice and familiarisation with a leading barrister and communications trainer.


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