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Delivered before witness statement exchange this course provides an opportunity for the client and solicitor to assess the strengths and weakness of a potential witness before a final decision is made on whether to call them.

For those witnesses who still have to be called, the Assessment course will identify what further training needs that witness has before they give evidence.

Prior to the course, the witness will have filled in a psychological questionnaire which measures how the witness is likely to react in a high stakes environment.  

During the course the witness will benefit from a series of cross-examinations that use real life experiences which are personal to them, but nothing to do with the facts of the case. This tests how the witness is likely to react to sustained and forensic questioning at trial.

After the session a report is prepared on the witnesses performance.

The psychologist creates a high-performance mindset aimed at addressing the inner obstacles that inhibit effective performance.

The training is based around our unique psychological profiling tool which measures how the witness is likely to react in a high stakes environment and allows the course to be tailored to those particular behavioural traits.

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The Trainers who deliver this course:

  • A Leading Barrister – 10 yrs minimum practising and training experience.
  • A Performance Psychologist.
Number of participants
Up to 5

Witness Preparation Courses

We currently offer four different witness preparation courses for factual witnesses or experts.

In depth cross-examination practice and familiarisation with a leading barrister and communications trainer.


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