The Powerhouse Provider

The Powerhouse Provider

As Assurety celebrates being recognised by Chambers & Partners as a top ranked witness familiarisation provider for the third year running, one of Assurety’s three founders, Paul Epstein KC, explains why Assurety continues to be recognised as the UK’s leading provider.  

As KCs who are frequently in court, we are in the very best position to know what witnesses need.  Every aspect of our courses has been designed by us, in close collaboration with experts in communication and psychology. We have one objective – to do everything possible to ensure that the training provided really is the ultimate in witness preparation.  It is particularly pleasing to be recognised as the leading providers by Chambers & Partners, because the ranking is based on what our clients say about us.  We work with 89% of the firms listed by Chambers in its Litigation (London) rankings, including all five Magic Circle firms.

What makes the difference? There are good reasons why Assurety is described as “The Powerhouse Provider”.  I think there are four key points.

  1. The cornerstone of Assurety’s training is that every course is delivered by at least two trainers – a leading barrister and an expert in communications techniques.  Clients also now have the option of adding a third trainer – a performance psychologist.  This blend of experience is completely unique to Assurety.
  2. The quality of the trainers is second to none.  Each one is handpicked for their specialist knowledge.  Crucially, they are all practising professionals, who work seamlessly together to provide the best experience for the witness.
  3. Each course is 100% bespoke.  We do not use pre-prepared artificial case studies.  Every course is based on the real-life personal and professional experience of the witness.  
  4. We are evolving.  We bring a high level of expertise and the fact that we are still in practice means that it is current expertise, which is crucial because the way in which litigation is conducted is evolving all the time, and therefore our courses are constantly under review.


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