Depp v Heard: A QC's View

Depp v Heard: A QC's View

Depp v Heard: A QC's View on Why the UK and US Outcomes Were so Different - Ed Williams writes for International

"Winning the trial is important, but the key part of it is about persuading your audience"

Assurety co-founder Ed Williams QC has written for International on Depp v Heard, and why the "toxic" saga played out so differently either side of the pond. The UK and US legal systems of course differ in multiple ways, and this has a key impact on the methods and regulation around preparing witnesses to give evidence. Watching the U.S. trial unfold live on TV, Ed discusses how experience as a witness in the English court system is very different to what went on in Virginia. In such a high-profile, televised trial, the court of public opinion can become just as important as the jury in the courtroom.

Read more of Ed’s insights into the trial and verdict on international here:


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