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Winning Business

Whether addressing an AGM, a regulator or a public body, or trying to sell a company, gain investment or attract new clients, so much can depend on how you communicate. Fortunately, these are skills that can be learned. We help you to communicate as effectively as possible whatever the circumstances.

Uniquely, our courses are delivered by at least two trainers, an elite barrister and a communications expert.

Our barristers help you practise communicating your message in a pressurised environment by cross-examining you on it. You will experience first-hand the pressure of having to answer focused, forceful and challenging questions from a highly-skilled questioner.

The communications expert will help you understand the differences between verbal communication, non-verbal communication and paralinguistics (tone, pitch, pace, volume), what types of communication are most effective, and will give you practical tips for eliminating or reducing stress.

Your performance is filmed and played back to you, the barrister and communications expert give you constructive feedback on how to improve, and you have the opportunity to practise and perfect those points.

The sessions focus on developing your unique presentation style, as well as helping you connect with your audience and adapt to different behaviour types.

“Totally enlightening and a real benefit.”

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