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Asking Questions

Even the most senior business leaders have not been taught how to ask questions, let alone practised asking them. Asking questions and probing, challenging and, ultimately, obtaining information, is a skill that can be learned.

Deploying this skill produces the best material on which to base decisions; it can transform your performance, the performance of your business, and empower your key employees and board members.

Delivered by QC trainers, these sessions help you understand the different types of question, open and closed questions, compound questions, tag questions, how to probe for information, how to deploy documents, how to approach inconsistencies, how to challenge, and when not to ask questions. We show videos of great questioners at work to help you understand what makes for effective questioning techniques. Most importantly, you will practise your questioning skills using bespoke case studies, and we will give you constructive feedback.

“Very professional and insightful.”

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