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Why should we use Assurety for our witness training?

Our training is recognised by Chambers and Partners as being in a league of its own. That is because:

We use tailored cross-examination practice
Our mock cross-examinations are prepared specifically for each witness (other providers use role play).

The calibre of our trainers is unrivalled
We only use barristers who are highly regarded in their field of expertise, from chambers such as Essex Court, Matrix, Serie Court, Blackstone, 11 KBW, Littleton and Cloisters. Our communications trainers are experienced in training and all have acting, TV or performance backgrounds. Our psychologists are all experts in the psychology of performance.

We always use more than one trainer
Other providers use a single trainer who attempts to simultaneously ask questions and observe, which is not as effective.

Please do not just take our word for the differences between the benefits of our courses and those of other providers - we are happy to put you in touch with solicitors who have used us.

What can our delegates expect to learn on the CLASSIC Course?

The learning components of all our courses consist of:

Core learning
We familiarise the witness with the court, arbitral or tribunal process. We provide a comprehensive description of what takes place and the roles of participants. We explain how the decision-maker will assess the credibility and reliability of witnesses and go through the main cross-examination techniques.
We demonstrate what it means to give evidence well and the sort of things that can undermine credibility and reliability, using video clips of actual witnesses giving evidence. This takes around two hours.

Cross-examination simulation
Your witness is cross-examined on subjects that are real for them, whether personal or professional (but unrelated to the case). This comes as close as possible to the actual experience of giving evidence. We do not use case studies as they are artificial and the witness is not invested in the material.

Why should I choose the ELITE Course?

The core learning and cross-examination is the same as for the ELITE Course.
In addition, delegates benefit from the knowledge and experience of a third trainer; a performance psychologist. This gives an added boost in helping witnesses' calmness, confidence and credibility, and teaches a high-performance mindset aimed at addressing the inner obstacles that inhibit effective performance.

In advance of the session, a psychologist profile of the witness is prepared. This enables our trainers to focus on areas where their efforts will be most effective.

The addition of a psychologist has two key benefits:
  • Performance Accelerator Profiling This unique profiling tool will measure how your witness is likely to react in a high-stakes environment
  • Removal of barriers The psychologist will identify and remove any barriers that may be restricting the witness' performance and replaces them with the ability to be calm, confident and focused

What is the ELITE+ Course?

This is the gold standard of our courses, designed for those for whom everything is at stake in the litigation and who are prepared to invest the time and money for the most thorough preparation. Rather than a one-off session, the witness follows a programme:
  • Pre-course assessment with psychologist
  • Familiarisation and cross-examination
  • Top-up cross-examination session
  • Performance consolidation session with psychologist

What if my witness needs additional cross-examination practice?

We offer top-up courses, which are available after the Elite and Elite+ courses which are pure cross-examination.

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